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A unique organisation founded by UK universities​

NCUK qualifications are of exceptional quality, designed with and for universities

NCUK programs are developed in collaboration with leading UK universities specifically to address the standards and skills they require of their students and in turn, to equip students to deal with the demands that their university courses will ask of them and successfully adapt to the country they study in. 

NCUK IFY programme aims 

NCUK International Foundation Year (IFY) equips students with the skills and experience needed to make the best possible start at university and succeed in their chosen field of study.

  • To provide international students with a high-quality pre-undergraduate education, with outcomes comparable with GCE A levels.

  • To prepare students for study at undergraduate level in English-language universities. The programme is designed to meet the requirements of NCUK universities.

  • To certify a student’s academic English language skills in a way that is recognised by NCUK partner universities, without the requirement for further assessment of English language ability.

  • To develop the learning skills, subject knowledge and related capabilities required for successful study at undergraduate level in an NCUK partner university.


- Geological tools: imagery systems, meters, sniffers, thumpers, explosives, vibration sensors - Core sampling equipment - Rigs: mobile, land-based, semi-mobile - Compressors, generators, engines - Drilling, shaker, BOP and pressure control systems - Mud systems: pumping, circulating, filtering, additives - Welding systems - Casing, tubing, wellhead, perforation processes including sand and cement supply and distribution systems - Pumping, reclamation, fracking piping and pumps - Water supply and distribution systems - Chemical supply and distribution systems - Tanks and storage systems - Plug and abandonment equipment


- Capturing and reusing waste heat through Waste Heat Recovery Units - Alkylation units - Conversion of natural gas to LNG - Hydrocrakcing units - Heat Exchangers - Storage tanks


- Platforms - Sea water cooling lines - Air vent systems - Drilling fluids - Fire and deluge water mains systems - Ballast and drinking water lines


- Gathering systems: collection of the crude oil, gas and liquid at the wellheads prior to entering into the pipeline system - Gas processing: extraction of natural gas liquids, separates gases such methane, ethane, propane, butane, and impurities like water vapor, CO2, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrogen, from the gas stream - Pipelines: transmission system and hubs of interconnecting lines including pumping stations and compression stations - Storage: above ground tanks for long-term and short-term storage

Shale Plays

- Well servicing including wireline - Sand separation - Water supply, management, storage and disposal - Chemical injection units - Power units and pumps


- Crushing - Conveying - Grinding - Mineral processing and classification - Slurry management systems

Power Generation

- Hydro power - Combined Cycle Optimization solutions - Steam temperature monitoring - Gas and steam turbines - Heat exchangers for solid and liquid fired steam generators - Duct burner controls - Steam drum level indication and control

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Since 1987, NCUK has placed tens of thousands of international students on to a wide range of university degree courses. Here is what students have to say about their NCUK IFY experience :

Thi Minh Trang Tran

“The NCUK qualification is like a bridge that covers the gap between my education in my home country and my degree programme in the UK.”

Studied the NCUK International Foundation Year

Progressed to The University of Manchester

BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Yan Kang Chai

"NCUK is a magnificent pathway that lays the essential foundations for prospective undergraduates."

Studied the NCUK International Foundation Year

Progressed to The University of Manchester

BSc (Hons) Accounting with Industrial/Professional Experience

Yuting Tang

“My greatest achievement so far was getting admitted to The University of Manchester and being awarded the NCUK Prize Award. NCUK was a brilliant platform for me to get to my dream university.”

Studied the NCUK International Foundation Year

Progressed to The University of Manchester

BAEcon (Hons) Business Studies and Sociology

Reuben Lim

"Research and referencing skills that I gained studying the NCUK International Foundation Year have been very important for my first-year of study at university in the UK."

Studied the NCUK International Foundation Year

Progressed to the University of Leeds

LLB (Hons) Law

There are more universities recognise the qualification of NCUK-IFY, please visit NCUK Universities Archive or get in touch with us for more information.