Origo’s team is young and international with members from 13 different countries adding to the vibrant cultural diversity of the organisation. The unique culture of Origo cultivates innovative ideas that are both sensitive and practical to regional needs.


The Origo project team works closely with the Academic Advisory Board, a group comprising 18 Origo academic members who possess strong industry backgrounds as well as educational project management experience.


Origo meets people for consultations, project planning, project collaboration, education program innovation and then implements the project in the most efficient way for successful completion. 

Dr hu.png

Prof. Richard Hu 

Head of Advisory Panel 

Education Development For Students

  • Improve students’ overall academic and social skills through our interactive webinars and other student focused activities.
  • Foster students’ interests by adopting a Natural Learning Approach
  • Strengthen students’ participation in cross-cultural exchanges through inter-province and cross-nation activities

Education Development For Institutions

  • Construct and improve curricula by injecting bilingual or international teaching methodologies
  • Providing a platform for all institution partners to share resources and promote exchange activities
  • Encourage workplace integrated education by arranging work placement and career workshops built into any Origo programme.