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The Origo Education Group is a global education provider which provides a range of intensive educational services to students through institutions located across key locations globally. The group's head office is located in Hong Kong, and Origo has opened up the branches in Guangzhou and Ningbo China, Canberra Australia, Ho Chi Minh City and very soon in Hanoi Vietnam. 

Origo's institution partners across Asia including partners in Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Malaysia, UK, US and Australia. 

Our educational services are designed to enhance the international profiles of the partnering institutions. One of Orgio’s key services is to run internationally recognised syllabus programs such as  Australian High School Certificates, IB and NCUK International Foundation Studies for the secondary institution partners.  We are also able to place Australian Diploma, NCUK University Year 1, Year 2 and Pre-Master programs to as bridging courses leading to Higher Education courses in overseas locations. 

Origo has recently developed Academic partnerships with Longyou Kema International School (China) and University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), aligned to the strengths of both institutions in transnational education.

Alongside teaching services, Origo is also an experienced organisation in running study tours between institutions. 

Partners are welcome to consult with our professional advisory team. They are ready to provide you with the industry information on education matters in different countries and share study abroad advice for students. The team is also able to provide tailor-made plans for partners to develop their international relationships with other overseas institutions and international branding nationally & globally through student exchanges, staff exchanges and other international affairs such as partner schools’ visits. 

Our teaching team members primarily come from Australia, England and the USA.  All of the staff are fully qualified in their field and have an extensive education and teaching background. The staff are also required to be in a pre-departure training to learn the culture of the target country and school in which they are designated to teach. The training assists our staff to immediately and effectively integrate into the new school community and utilise their passion and skills for teaching.

We look forward to receiving your further enquiries on our institution-to-institution services.


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Group Head Office:  Hong Kong Office: Unit 14, 6th Floor, Tower A, Hunghom Commercial  Centre, 39 Ma Tau Wai Road , KL. Hong Kong 



China Head Office: No 89. Yuanjing, Baiyun District, Guangzhou



Ningbo Office: Room 205, No.777, Zhongguan West Road, Zhuangshi Street, Zhenhai District, Ningbo, Zhijiang



Canberra Office: Ground Floor, Attitude Building, 77 EMU Bank, Belconnen,  ACT 2617



Ho Chi Minh City Admission office: UEH - Institute Language and Country Study, Campus B1, 11st Floor,

279 Nguyen Tri Phuong st, Ward 5, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City 



or ilacs@ueh.edu.vn 
+84 867973753


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